The most common vehicles for road trips here are Russian 4 × 4 (jeep UAZ 69, and its namesake mini-van). These vehicles certainly are amazing and the most suitable for trips in the steppe: they go everywhere, all the drivers around, in addition to yours, know about and how to ride the cars perfectly and can lend a hand for mechanics, since there is a network of spare parts all over the country. The downside is that their engines heat up quickly (sometimes could shut down in too hot weathers or on steep slopes), require a regular maintenance and more of a rustic comfort than that of a Japanese Land Cruiser.

For those who are afraid of being too “roughened up”, it is also possible to travel in a Japanese 4 × 4, which of course will be more expensive but much more comfortable.

Depending on the regions you visit and the time of year, you can travel by the following types of cars:

  • Jeep UAZ for maximum 2 passengers + 1 guide + 1 driver
  • UAZ van for maximum 5 passengers + 1 guide + 1 driver
  • Intralink PDF Russian Jeep

Toyota Land Cruiser or other 4 × 4 Japanese for maximum 2/3 travelers + 1 guide + 1 driver

Van 4 × 4 Delica Mitsubishi for maximum 3/4 passengers + 1 guide + 1 driver)

  • Korean micro bus type Astana or Grace
  • 10 seats for maximum 5/6 passengers + 1 guide + 1 driver
  • 14 seats for maximum 8/9 passengers + 1 guide + 1 driver
  • Mini bus Asia or County
  • 25 or 45 seats for a smaller number of passengers depending on the number of passengers and the volume of luggage.

Finally, you should note that it is difficult to travel “cheaply” in Mongolia. On the one hand, because of the vast landscape and the remoteness from your country of origin, and on the other hand by the type of travel. For example, for 15 days tours of 2300 km in length, a 4 × 4 consumes 20 liters of gasoline for 100km on the average…

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Our tip! Use a train to come to the country, and, once there, choose our tours without domestic flight and non-motorized transports. You could go hiking, horseback riding with our partner nomad families’ horses, camel trekking, mountain biking or whatever you have in mind, we’re always open to suggestions… and have a great trip!