We have many great options for lodging in the countryside and in cities, so be sure to go through each of them to help grasp what you want to experience throughout your journey.

Our fixed tours generally include at least two types of accommodation for diversity and excitement; we can also mix and match the best options in your private tour to your liking, as well.

In the Steppes

During your travel across the country, you can choose the classic way of staying in tourist camps and hotels, or to spend nights in yurts of local families. Either way, you will be sure to experience authentic moments and understand the meaning we give to the word “welcome” in Mongolia.

Here, you will be welcomed by a nomadic family of herders. You can feel the real intimacy with nature, while being are housed in your own “host yurt” in the family’s settlement. Try the local lifestyle, share in their know-hows of surviving and experience the unforgettable hospitality of the Mongol nomads. But remember to not disturb their activities too much; life in the countryside is never a child’s play!

Throughout our years of experience, we have become accustomed to working closely with mainly 8 to 9 local families, each whom live in different parts of the country. They are best known for their welcoming atmosphere, but above all their willingness to share their way of life and help foreigners discover it too.

Distributed throughout the country and generally around local attractions, the tourist-centered “yurt camps” offer accommodation with the standard of comfort. Yurt camps have the advantage of offering restaurant dining and sanitary facilities (running showers and toilets) we’re sure you will be delighted to find in the middle of the steppes!

Our tour packages often include at least 1 night at these types of camps for every 4 days (if you are staying elsewhere) to allow you more comfortable, private stay and help you freshen up during your travel.

Want something next-level? Something like, a mix between the nature friendly lifestyle of the nomads and a hotel level comfort, in the middle of the steppes? Choose your accommodation from our Geolodge category: The “Out of Nowhere” brand camps.

Unique with a mission to preserve the local eco-system, the lodge does not have any concrete buildings and minimized soil pollution by replacing running water with hot therapeutic towels, hair salon services and dry toilets.

Being a much rarer accommodation than traditional yurt camps, their service and uniqueness also come at a slightly higher rate.

However, being the co-owner of the two Geolodge camps, DMD is one of the few companies with an advantage of controlling their prices; and is able to offer you nights in these “charming” lodges in many of our tours!

If you want to explore Mongolia with a tight budget, but also want to be close to nature, the bivouac nights in the steppe are the best option for you!

For our outdoor experts, we provide you with a Wanderer 3-seater tent for 2 people or a mess tent for meals for groups with more than 10 people.

We also lend thick felt mattresses, made by local craftsmen, which are very insulating since it is the same natural material – the wool of animals – that covers Mongol yurts and isolates the herdsman from the cold harsh winters.

In Ulaanbaatar

In the capital city there are many types of accommodation available from a wide range of hotels (from Tourist to Luxury) to guesthouses.

The cheaper hotels in the city are often placed next to nightclubs or cafes; they are often noisy and are mostly frequented by locals, which makes them not an ideal choice for tourists.

Whichever tour package you choose from our arrangement, we always include the best, tourist-centered hotels or guesthouses for your comfort, which are at good and safe locations.

The tourist type hotels are numerous in Ulaanbaatar and offers a standard level comfort. We often work with hotels like “Kharaa” or “White House”. These are the hotels that you will find in most of our “ready-to-travel” tours because they offer good value for their price.

There are also “superior” hotels, often offering additional services such as a fitness room, Wi-Fi, safe, etc., and offer a much higher quality of comfort and design than tourist hotels. We usually offer rooms in hotels like “Bayangol”, “Chinggis Khaan” or “Ramada” for this classification.

More and more luxury hotels are opening in the Mongolian capital, some of the 5-star hotels in the city center being “Ulaanbaatar”, “Blue Sky hotel” and “Shangri-La” hotels.

Luxury hotels are the best option for those who want to travel in comfort and priority. These hotels are often equipped with many event halls and have high class restaurants within their periphery.

There are also many international chain hotels in the city, like the “Kempinski”, “Best Western”, “Novotel”, etc. which some of our travelers might be more inclined to choose for their comfort and popularity.

In the city, there is a wide variety of guesthouses, or youth hostels, which offer housing and sanitary facilities, often co-sharing between the travelers, sometimes individual, and always come at modest prices.

These accommodations are often preferred by young people since it has the advantage of saving money and meeting with other travelers!

We are also working, for several years, with a few families we trust to offer you a home-stay in the capital. This can help you to be closer to the life of the Mongolian city folks! Your host family has one or more rooms at your disposal, and you can also choose to have dinner with your hosts.